WHMIS Training Video Downloadable Now!

Train workers with HR Proactive’s engaging 20-Minute downloadable WHMIS Training video that covers the GHS-integrated WHMIS Standard and includes additional assets to enhance your WHMIS training. Our up-to-date WHMIS GHS training materials are compliant and easy to use… with the click of the mouse you can get started!

This WHMIS training for Workers Downloadable Video Training package provides our customer with everything needed to facilitate video-based WHMIS training for workers at your worksite. This package is a single-seat learning licence allowing one user at a time to download the video direct to their PC, Laptop, or Mobile device for viewing. This works great for providing WHMIS training to workers in the field without internet access.

HR Proactive’s downloadable WHMIS Training Video is the most comprehensive training package available on the market. Content is suited for training new workers or as a refresher course. Our WHMIS Training Video includes all the assets required to prepare a professional, informative training workshop for workers. The Leader Guide provides the facilitator with detailed information on workshop design, industry-specific customization, preparation, orientation, along with workshop facilitator tips. Participants of the WHMIS training workshop can follow along with the facilitator using our reproducible Participant Guide. As an added bonus, we include an easy to follow, detailed 53-slide PowerPoint Presentation. Our WHMIS Training Video also includes sample Safety Data Sheets, sample workplace label, sample SDS label and an exercise for participants to create their own workplace label. A final WHMIS test/ test answer key is provided.

WHMIS Certificate of Completion

Participants successfully completing the WHMIS training and passing the final WHMIS test, will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and a WHMIS Pocket Certificate. Your official WHMIS certificate is widely accepted and proof that you are WHMIS certified. For employers, the WHMIS Pocket Certificate is provided in Word format which allows you to personalize the Certificate with participant names and print as required.

WHMIS Streaming Video

Web-based portal accessible with
an internet connection for video streaming
  • Unlimited One Year Streaming Access (Internet required)
  • WHMIS Test and Answer Key
  • WHMIS Certificate of Completion Template
  • Pocket WHMIS Certificate
  • Scheduling Sheet to Track Learners
  • Early Renewal Discount 50%

WHMIS Training Video Download

Single-seat learning licence for one user at a time
to download the video for viewing
  • WHMIS Video Download (MP4 format)
  • Reproducible Participant Guide
  • Professional PowerPoint Presentation
  • WHMIS Test and Answer Key
  • Certificate of Completion Template
  • Pocket WHMIS Certificate
  • Scheduling Sheet to Track Learners

Our Modern WHMIS Training Video
Reflects Today's Diverse Workplace!

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Save hours on research and development and purchase our top-selling downloadable WHMIS Training Video, or bundle with one or more of our other comprehensive compliance training videos. If you don’t see the bundle you are looking for, give us a call for special pricing! Our WHMIS training is also available with our streaming service, licencing agreement, or as an online e-learning program which can be hosted on your/our Learning Management System (LMS) or purchase as a SCORM compliant package.

With our comprehensive WHMIS Training Video (downloadable),
you receive:

  • 20-minute Video
  • Substantial Leader Guide (Word format)
  • Reproducible Participant Guide (Word format)
  • Professional PowerPoint Presentation
  • WHMIS Training Poster
  • Sample Safety Data Sheet (SDSs)
  • WHMIS Test and Answer Key
  • WHMIS Training Certificate of Completion template
  • Scheduling Sheet to track learners

HR Proactive’s downloadable WHMIS Training Video is also available in French.

Trousse vidéo SIMDUT:

  • Video de 20 minute
  • Guide du participant (reproductible)
  • Affiche du SIMDUT
  • Test du SIMDUT et réponses
  • Certificat d’achèvement due SIMDUT
  • Feuille de planification pour suivre vos apprenants

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