Licensing WHMIS Video to
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HR Proactive Inc. will grant a non-exclusive unlimited licence to our best-selling WHMIS Video via MP4 file to upload to your HRIS or LMS System. WHMIS training materials include WHMIS test and answer key as well as Certificate of Completion. Learner progress is tracked via programming of the WHMIS quiz.

This Licence Agreement authorizes access to our WHMIS video training by unlimited learners – multiple trainers at one company location or one trainer at multiple company locations.

Ownership and copyright of the WHMIS video and materials remains exclusively the property of HR Proactive Inc. The WHMIS video and training materials are not to be sold, reproduced, shared or copied.

WHMIS Video Content Includes

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HR Proactive Inc. offers several options
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Hosted LMS

Your own branded Compliance Training Portal

SCORM Package

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Streaming Service

Streaming Service Portal with offline options

Custom Training

We will design & deliver content specific to your organization.

HR Proactive Inc. is here to assist you with your company's training needs.

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Host WHMIS Training on our LMS or Upload WHMIS SCORM program and Test to your HRIS system.